Inspiring recipe ideas

From some of Britain's best chefs

Stuffed Norfolk Quail with Pearl Barley

by Richard Bainbridge

Paprika rubbed, cold smoked quails with caramelised onions
by KungFuBBQ/Ben Tish

Norfolk Quail Egg, Fruit Pig Black Pudding with a hint of Wild Knight Vodka by Charlie Hodson

Norfolk Quail with garlic flan by Alan Paton and Lauren Sparrrow

Norfolk black pudding and Norfolk Quail by Roger Hickman

Salt and Pepper Norfolk Quail with Asian coleslaw by Michael Avis

Norfolk Quail, Celeriac, Raisin, Caper and Hazelnut by Kenny Atkinson & Danny Parker

Norfolk Quail and Poached Pears in Elderberry Jus by Mike West

Norfolk Quail, Beetroot, Pearl Barley and  Watercress by Titchwell Manor's Eric Snaith

Spatchcocked Quail with Pearl Barley by Brian Turner

Roast Quail, Broccoli, Peanut and Lime by Mark Poynton

Norfolk Quail, Celeriac and Wild Mushrooms by Ben Handley

Norfolk Quail and Egg with Roasted Apple Puree, Celeriac and Watercress by Oli Williamson

Norfolk Quail egg, courgette, caper and fig chutney salad by Charlie Hodson

Salad of Norfolk Quail with prosciutto and Mardler goats cheese by Andy Snowling

Norfolk Quail Breast, egg and leg schnitzel, hay custard and rainbow chard by Eric Snaith

Roasted Norfolk Quail with Pancetta & Apricot by Norfolk Quail's Ellie Savory

Picnic of Norfolk Quail, with Scotch eggs and cheese scones by Richard Bainbridge



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