Chef testimonials


Michael Wignall

Michelin Starred Chef

"Unlike typical French quail that are reared under unnatural light conditions, the Norfolk Quail are free-to-fly in a natural environment. This leads to a slightly smaller bird but with a plumper breast, which has a far superior and complex rich taste. We did a blind tasting and the Norfolk Quail won hands down."


Mark Poynton

Michelin Starred Chef

"At Alimentum we pride ourselves on using locally soured ingredients – it is an honour to serve our customers Norfolk Quail. The way the birds are cared for in an open environment which develops their fantastic flavour – and a great place for a farm visit!"


Eric Snaith

Titchwell Manor

"We’ve been serving Norfolk Quail on our menu’s at Titchwell Manor for a couple of years now. It’s a fantastic product locally produced which I’m proud to sell. We always receive great feedback on the quality of the bird and as its such a versatile meat we’ve used it in many different ways throughout the year. Its a very consistent product and is great value."


Jamie Scott

Rocca St. Andrews

"…every time I receive a box of beautiful Norfolk quails I can see by the way that they are presented, and can tell by the way we receive them, the love and nurturing that goes into the process from being born to delivering them to my kitchen.

"I love using the quails as they are a beautiful consistent size and have a wonderfully delicate sweet flavour."


Richard Bainbridge


"…if you have not tried quail then Norfolk quail is the best there is; not only is it a great product, it’s local too! You don’t know until you try."


Oli Williamson

Midsummer House

"…it’s a great product which makes it easier to create a great dish. Well done for doing so well with it. It’s great to see such a passionate, local supplier."


Chris Coubrough

Flying Kiwi Inns

"I’m a passionate supporter of local produce and I’m really pleased that I can support Norfolk Quail. Quail is a very versatile meat, it has great flavour and is popular with our guests. My chefs enjoy using it to create exciting and delicious dishes for our menus."

Barbequed Norfolk Quail, quail egg with Sauce Bois Boudran.

Norfolk Quail, Cauliflower, Grapes and Ras El Hanout.

Norfolk quail, quail scotch egg, corn, shallots and nettles.

Norfolk Quail with salami, apple, hazelnut and kohlrabi.

Norfolk Quail with Yakitori duck liver, turnip, peanut and lime.

Norfolk Quail, BBQ Watermelon, Peas, Alsace Bacon.

Norfolk Quail, celeriac, celery, ham.

Norfolk Quail, scotch quail egg, truffle oil.

Norfolk Quail, parma ham, chorizo, pumpkin.

Whole stuffed Norfolk Quail with parsley root and chestnut.

Roast Norfolk Quail, braised red cabbage and pickled cranberries.

Norfolk Quail with broccolli and black pudding.

Norfolk Quail breast, confit leg, alliums, quail egg and pork cracking.

Cajun Norfolk Quail, almond yoghurt and pomegranate.

Norfolk Quail, pancetta, grelot onions, pickled vegetables, red wine jus.

Norfolk Quail, beetroot, Morteau sausage.

Asparagus soup, pulled pork beignet, quail eggs.

Norfolk Quail, spinach, sultana and walnut.

Norfolk Quail with carrot, black pudding stuffed leg, ver jus gel.

Norfolk Quail breast, tarragon breadcrumb, red chicory, sautéed wild mushrooms, Boxford Farm blueberry jus, rhubarb chard cress.

Norfolk Quail breast, crispy leg, smokey oat granola, fresh curds, chervil roots.

BBQ Norfolk Quail, pumpkin jam, charred onions, squash purée chestnut.

Poached and roasted Norfolk Quail breast, quail leg rillette, rye bread toast and wild garlic mayonnaise.

Norfolk Quail legs, Saikyou-yaki, Norfolk Quail egg mayonnaise, soba stick.

Norfolk Quail breast, leg, heart and liver with cauliflower and date.

Roast crown and confit leg of Norfolk Quail with sweet and sour apricot, peas, radishes and lavender sauce.

Norfolk Quail, Cep Mushroom, Cherry Jus and Grelot Onions.



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