Norfolk Quail Egg, Fruit Pig Black Pudding with a hint of Wild Knight Vodka by Charlie Hodson


Charlie Hodson – Chef, Norfolk Food & Drink Champion & owner of Charlie’s Norfolk Food Heroes brand created this recipe of Norfolk Quail Egg, Fruit Pig Black Pudding with a hint of Wild Knight Vodka to showcase local food producers – something that Charlie is very passionate about.


Norfolk Quail Egg, Fruit Pig black pudding with a hint of Wild Knight vodka

6 x Norfolk Quail eggs

2 x good slices of Fruit Pig black pudding

450 grams of sausage meat

20mls of Wild Knight vodka (distilled with Norfolk barley and adds a smokey subtle undertone to the flavour)

3 x good size chicken eggs

1 x coffee cup of plain flour

Pinch of Maldon sea salt

Pinch of black ground pepper

3 x coffee cup of bread crumbs (I use gluten free bread crumbs)


Place quails eggs in boiling salted water for 2 mins…

Remove and place in cold water, peel and place to the side…

Crumb the black pudding in your hands but keeping texture of finely diced onion…

Mix with sausage meat, Wild Knight vodka, salt & pepper and split into 6 equal amounts…

Place quails egg into centre of sausage meat mix, and gently mould mix around the egg and shape into golf ball size…

Once all are finished…

Simply flour… egg dip… and crumb….

To cook I tend to use Crush rapeseed oil heated to 180 using a thermometer (can be purchased from any good cook shop)

Once golden brown pop in the oven on 160 for 5 mins …

And there we have the possibly the best Norfolk Quail egg…


What makes the difference in this recipe is not my skill as its really simple…its the amazing produce available to myself and so many other chefs in Norfolk…

So many thanks to:

Norfolk Quail

Icarus Hines butcher- Tim Allen farmer- Wild Knight vodka – Fruit Pig black pudding

Letheringsett mill flour- Crush Foods rape seed oil


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