Norfolk Quail, Celeriac, Raisin, Caper and Hazelnut by Kenny Atkinson and Danny Parker


Recipe for Norfolk Quail, Celeriac, Raisin, Capers and Hazelnut by Kenny Atkinson and Danny Parker of 3 AA Rosette House of Tides in Newcastle.

For the Quail


1 x Oven Ready Norfolk Quail (200g approx weight)
1 Litre x Chicken Stock
½ clove x garlic
2 x sprig thyme
Knob of butter (soft)
Table Salt


Bring quail to room temperature
Remove legs and remove bottom bone
Remove Wishbone
Trim Wing tips
Bring Stock to just below boiling
Add the legs to the stock and simmer for around 30-40 minutes until tender
Place quail in stock and poach for 5 minutes
Brush with butter and blow torch till golden
Leave the quail in a warm place to rest for at least 5 minutes
Remove the breasts from the crown and season with Maldon sea salt
Blow torch the legs again for a little bitterness

For the Puree


500g x Raisins
Enough Water to cover


In a sauce pan, cover the raisins with water and bring to the boil
Turn down to a simmer and place a lid on top
Cook until very soft and tender
Pass and reserve liquid
Blend raisins in thermo mix for 3 minutes
Add a little of the reserved raisin liquor if needed.
Correct the seasoning if needed, place in a squeezy bottle and keep warm.

For The Remoulade


1 x Celeriac
1 x Granny smith Apple
2TBSP x Pommery grain Mustard
4TBSP x Hellman’s Mayonnaise
20g x Flat leaf Parsley Julienne
Juice of 1 lemon
Table Salt


Peel the celeriac
Slice thinly on the mandolin
Juliene the slices of celeriac
Sprinkle over a little salt and some lemon juice.
Vav pac on highest setting and leave for 30 minutes
Peel the apple, slice thinly on the mandolin and julienne the same as the celeriac
Weigh out the remaining ingredients
Squeeze excess juice off the celeriac, mix together with the rest of the ingredients, adjust seasoning if needed using lemon juice and salt.

For the Pickled Sultanas


50g x Golden Sultana
200g x White balsamic Vinegar

Boil the vinegar rapidly in a sauce pan
Pour over the sultanas and leave as long as possible before using.
Serve warm not hot

For the vinaigrette


2 TBSP x Le Blanc hazelnut oil
4TBSP x champagne vinegar
2TBSP x chopped Parsley
2TBSP x Chopped Chives
2TBSP x Minced Shallots


Whisk ingredients together
Keep at room temperature

For The Foie Gras


25g-50g x A Grade Foie Gras


Season the foie Gras, sear in a hot pan and finish with sherry vinegar.

To Finish

50g x Toasted Hazelnuts
Hazelnut oil
Coriander Cress (frilly)
Maldon Salt
Plate the dish up in a tasteful way, spread it out a little so as not to cramp the plate.


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