Quail Meat

Quail meat is becoming increasingly popular in Great Britain and is used by many top chefs. An extremely versatile meat; it can be roasted, barbecued, pan fried or baked; used on its own, or served in salads, risottos, curries and pies, it has many uses.

Quail is a small bird, sweet and succulent and packed with flavour. For some great suggestions and cooking guides please visit the ‘let’s cook’ section on our website.

There are few producers of quail meat in the UK as much of this produce is imported. Norfolk Quail is proud to provide a local alternative to imported quail meat.

All our birds are produced to high welfare standards and fed on a corn rich diet. The birds are dry plucked and not bled, a method similar to French produce and popular with chefs.


Norfolk Quail are sold whole, in boxes as follows:

• Extra Large Jumbo (300+ gram per bird) – 10 per box
• Jumbo (250g – 290g per bird) – 12 per box
• Standard (190g - 250g per bird) – 14 per box

We are able to supply some birds partially eviscerated (with heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, crop and gizzards inside the body cavity).

We can also supply deboned quail, quail hearts, quail livers, diced breast and leg quail meat, quail breast fillets, quail supremes and quail legs.

For a current price list please please call 01328 829249 or email [email protected]

Quail eggs

Norfolk Quail is believed to have the first entirely ‘free to fly’ quail flocks in Britain. The hens that lay our quail eggs are kept to the highest welfare standards, bred and reared from birds that are free to fly at our farm.
From the moment they hatch, they have room to forage and fly freely in light and airy sheds that are carefully monitored to maintain optimum atmospheric conditions suited to the quail species.

Our quail eggs have attractive speckled shells, are deliciously delicate in flavour and are ideal for serving as canapes, in starters or salads or pickled and used as a condiment. Now famous for the mini scotch egg, produced and served by many a celebrity chef, they’re proven by our children to be great for little appetites too!

Tips on how to boil a quail's egg

For a current price list please please call 01328 829249 or email [email protected]

Chicken eggs

John and Ellie Savory have been producing premium chicken eggs at Highfield Farm in Norfolk since 1998.

The Savory & Savory brand produces only the finest chicken eggs that have been very popular over the years with local customers, retailers and chefs across the county.

Our eggs are farmed ethically and to high welfare standards resulting in a superior egg of the highest quality.

Produced with a passion for animal welfare, the birds are reared to Freedom Foods Lion Code certification standards for free range laying hens. They’re fed on a corn rich diet and kept in low-density mobile housing with free access to pasture throughout the day.

Breckland Brown Egg

With lush, sheltered grassland, bespoke chicken housing and a wealth of poultry experience, John & Ellie have expanded their high quality offering to include a premium free range chicken egg.

The Breckland Brown Egg is a deliciously luxurious egg, rich in colour and flavour and perfect for use in dishes such as Eggs Benedict or Kedgeree.

If you would like to buy eggs from our farm, please call 01328 829249 or email us at [email protected]



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