Guy is a keen sportsman and loves his farming. He actively assists in all farming tasks, from stacking and carting hay and straw, counting stock, feeding, littering sheds etc. He’s also a keen shot and enjoys shooting at targets and helping with vermin control.

Guy loves his pony and enjoys hacking around the farm, mostly to point out to his father which crops need spraying and where the rabbit problems are. He’s also a keen rugby player with great ambitions of one day playing for England! Guy can also regularly be seen cutting the grass or driving the RTV around with fencing repairs and bedding or feed supplies.


Grace is  keen on sport, particularly netball, cricket, hockey and showing her pony Monty. Also a true lover of all things nature, Grace can often be found wondering the garden and surrounding fields in search of interesting plants, feathers, stones and insects.

Grace and Guy love their baking – especially banana bread made from the eggs on the farm. Farmers in the making they are experts already at packing eggs or birds for customers and counting out day old quail chicks.



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